Marc Hart: “Dribble Drive Motion Offense for High School Teams” Playbook


Marc Hart: Dribble Drive Motion Offense for High School Teams


Your Guide to implementing Dribble Drive Motion Offense for your High School Team!

135 Pages that reveal the hidden secrets to implementing Dribble Drive Motion Offense for your Team

Revolutionary Ways to implement DDM with your high school basketball team. Everything that you would want to do with them.

As you scan every word and diagram of this playbook you will begin to discover the new ways to make it easy to implement on your team.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could compete with anyone in your league? DDM is the Goliath killer!

Little by Little you begin to learn how Dribble Drive Motion Offense works and how to implement it.

Absolute Fact!

“Many studies have proven that shooting layups and threes are higher percentage shots than mid-range shots”

When you place your order for our playbooks, you’ll feel the power that comes from learning from the best of the best in the basketball community.

Stop and realize that you have never seen an offer like this before in history…

You are ready for success, arent’ you?

Envision yourself being able to hold a championship trophy like Coach Hart

Imagine being able to try out a product without any risk. Now it’s a reality!

 Coach Peterman

Ps: Just imagine minutes from now what you will be learning about Dribble Drive Motion Offense.

Look at all you get!


  • DDM Basics
  • Daily 45 Drills
  • 3 man breakdown drills
  • Ball Handling
  • Shooting Drills
  • DDM Entries
  • DDM Pick and Roll Plays
  • DDM Set Plays
  • DDM Zone Sets
  • DDM Post Ups


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