Los Angeles Clippers Playbook



Los Angeles Clippers Playbook

Los Angeles Clippers
The Los Angeles Clippers are on of the most potent offensive teams int he NBA this year under Doc Rivers. Utilizing Chris Paul & Blake Griffin in the PNR, with shooters spacing on the wing and scoring off of the bench have all been keys to success in this years Clippers team. Doc Rivers has been known for creating advantageous opportunities for his players and this year is no different. The Clippers score early and often in their transition sets as well as slowing the game down and executing late in the shot clock. Almost everything the Los Angeles Clippers run is based on creating out of the PNR or allowing a shooter to get free for an open look. This system has led to a top 5 efficient offense in the NBA this year, as well as one of the more enjoyable offenses to watch. This playbook has over 55 sets that the Clippers run effectively and every counter that is run out of each set that allow them to keep the defense guessing. Utilizing Horns sets has been a staple of Doc Rivers’ offense dating back to his days in Boston and this years team is no different, getting more creating by using “Unbalanced Horns” where a guard is at the high post with a big to keep the defense from playing off. One of the best Baseline Out of Bounds teams in the NBA as well as Early Offense, Late game sets & Motion Offense, this playbook has everything you are looking for in one of the best NBA Offenses this year.


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