Kevin Sutton Multiple Effort & Close-Out Drill Playbook


Kevin Sutton Multiple Effort Defensive and Close-Out Drill Playbook

Kevin Sutton Defensive Drills cover

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World renowned skill development coach, Kevin Sutton, brings to you a 2nd installment in his series of drills, this time covering the defensive side of the ball! In this eBook he gives you over 20 drills that you can use to help take your players to the next level. Coach Sutton is currently an Assistant Coach at Georgetown University who has produced 11 instructional DVD’s for Championship Productions, numerous publications on skill development for Winning Hoops Magazine, coached over 150 college scholarship recipients, and was an instructor for the NIKE SKILLZ Academy Camps (Kobe Bryant, Amare Stoudemire, and LeBron James).

In the “Multiple Effort Defensive and Close-Out Drills” eBook you will find individual drills defending on the ball in the half-court, close-outs, and partner close-out drills. Also included is his signature “Multiple-Effort” designed drills that progressively grow together to combine skills and techniques that translate to actual game situations! Concluding the eBook Coach Sutton provides you with three transition defense drills in the half-court that will keep your workouts up-tempo and intense.

Purchase this eBook and help your players become better players on the defensive side of the ball with these drills!