Joe Abunassar Player Development System


Joe Abunassar Player Development System

Joe Abunassar

Learn from Joe Abunassar that has trained some of the best NBA players!

Learn the ideas and teaching style of Impact Basketball which will help you prepare your player or team to reach their best level!

Here are some two man drills that will incorporate flare cuts, curl cuts, driving to the basket, as well as footwork for fade shots!

Learn how you can control your defender with your shoulders!

Joe Abunassar has worked with over 100 NBA draft picks in the last seven years. Some of the NBA Players are Kyle Lowry, John Wall, Ricky Rubio, any many others.

Everyone has busy schedules, but you need to find time to do skill development with your players. Joe Abunassar will take you through some on-court and off-court demos to show you what it takes to be a successful basketball player. The four core areas of emphasis will show you how he as developed multiple NBA first round draft picks.

Take a look at how to train small and large groups of basketball players, how to communicate with them, and how to structure your drill work to get the most out of your training sessions. You will also see the seven foundations from Impact Basketball’s full-year skill development program.

Check out more on the Joe Abunassar Player Development System here!

He uses drills that will translate into real game situations, and that is the core of what Abunassar does when developing players. The developmental exercises will pick up the tempo of the workout while it continues to get players confidence at playing a quicker speed.

You need to warm up your players during developmental work; Coach Abunassar does it with ball-handling drills. Some of the drills are two-line drills that improve the ball-handling and get them ready for activity.

Shooting is something that Coach Abunassar believes that you must work at game speed. He has two player shooting drills that work on ball-handling and getting open. The shots are prepared to get the shooter set before they receive the basketball.

Advanced Skill Development

In the next video segment, Coach Abunassar will show how you take the drills and put them into your team’s offense. Proper footwork like curl cuts, shot fakes, dribble pull-up shots, and lay-ups will be added to get them to play in their environment.

Once you add the flare cut, pop cut, and curl cut; the guard and post players will adjust accordingly to their ability.

Live defense is essential to each cut. Working with a defender, the skills of the basketball player will be increased as well as their capacity to score.

Combo Skill Work

Combo Skill work is done to develop the guards and post players together, with these combination drills. Low post entry drills will help the guard enter the ball into the post. Then the guards can work on a cut-through or even fill to the same side corner.

High Post Entry passes are a skill that is essential to a post player. The Pinch post is a HUGE focus for this DVD. There are several variations that they show with the guard driving to the hoop, or shooting after a hand-off pass.

Pick and Roll Offense is something that Coach Abunassar will discuss in fine detail. He will show drills that will work for the ball handler and screener.


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