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Fred Hoiberg Iowa State Cyclones Playbook by Wes Kosel

Learn how Coach Fred Hoiberg turned Iowa State into a nationally ranked offense using NBA spacing and scoring concepts!
Learn from one of the hottest coaches in college basketball with the Fred Hoiberg Iowa State Cyclones Playbook! The 2013-2014 Iowa State Cyclones finished the season ranked 5th in the nation in points per game (83.0), 11th in total 3-point field goals made, and 1st in assists per game (18.4). Coach Hoiberg has turned the Cyclones around from a 16-16 season in 2010-2011 to winning 28 games in 2013-2014. The Cyclones won the Big 12 Conference Tournament this season and also made it to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament. Get this playbook now and learn the offensive principles Coach Hoiberg uses to create open shots and penetration opportunities. Hoiberg is big on spacing, and has taken many NBA concepts and formations from his experience as a player in the NBA. The Cyclones are one of the best 3-point shooting teams in the country because of the spacing around the perimeter, spacing on the pick & roll, and spacing on the drive & kick.

This playbook includes 82 plays and over 90 pages of material. You will learn how Hoiberg runs his man offense, quick hitters, and out-of-bounds plays.

Here is what you will get:
• 2-3 Offense: 29 Plays
• 3 Guard Offense : 7 Plays
• 4-Out Offense: 6 Plays
• Spread Offense: 6 Plays
• Horns Set: 15 Plays
• 1-4 High: 5 Plays
• 1-4 Low: 5 Plays
• Box/Diamond: 2 Plays
• BLOB: 6 Plays
• SLOB: 1 Play

Get this playbook now and learn from one of the best offensive minds in college basketball!