IdoBasketball Ultimate Footwork Playbook


IdoBasketball Ultimate Footwork Playbook

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The IdoBasketball Ultimate Footwork Playbook is the most comprehensive instructional footwork document on the internet to date, helping players and coaches alike, learn how to better utilize footwork to score and become a more efficient, faster, and a more deadly scorer on the court!

In this playbook you will learn how to:
• Have a “Think shot” mentality and what it means for your offensive ability.
• How to get faster without running sprints (“Getting Long”) and using angles to beat defenders.
• Perform the 3 basic pivots in many different scenarios.
• Use the same 3 pivots in post, guard, wing, and PG real-game situations and scenarios.
• Learn the 3 counters to the pivots and how to use them in many different game-like scenarios.
• Learn how to utilize the counters seamlessly and without over-thinking.
• Learn how to combine and layer counters together, making you flow from one counter to another and become extremely hard to guard.
• How to effectively train either on your own or with a friend and get results that are focused, significant, and translatable to the game using real-game situations.
• How to focus on what is important regarding your footwork and ignore the unnecessary clutter.
• And most importantly – how to compete and have fun while training and getting better.

The IdoBasketball Ultimate Footwork Playbook is comprehensive playbook has 6 different sections, ranging from the basics pivots, to counters, combination counters (learn how to have a counter for your counter), split-position drills (post and guard training at the same time), and a set of intense shooting footwork drills for individuals, as well as teams to use.

The IdoBasketball Ultimate Footwork Playbook breakdown is as follows: Instructions and Tips for Successful Training, The Three Pivots (6 drills), Combination Drills (12 drills), Single Counter Moves (8 drills), Double Counter Moves (8 drills), Split Position Counters (12 drills), and Advanced Shooting Footwork Drills (8 drills).

As you can see, this 78-page playbook has 54 drills to help players become better overall players utilizing 3 simple pivots and 3 simple counters. Learning to combine the 6 moves into a fully flowing offensive game is only a matter of time and dedication. Coaches will find this beneficial for in-season skill-development, as well as off-season skill-development for their players.

If you are ready to become a better overall player – this is what you need today!


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