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Your solution to “Attacking the Switch”

A recent analysis concluded:

“Modern basketball has moved away from one-on-one play, and toward a more dynamic style centered around pick-and-rolls.

The league is becoming more skilled: more shooting and more passing from more positions means that offenses benefit more from movement and screening, and defenses have fewer choices to defend these actions without giving up something good.”

Every once in a while I read something that makes me stop and ‘take stock’ of my thought process.

The above quote was one of those times…

This was a solid, simple summary of where the game is clearly headed.

So I paused and asked myself…

Am I doing enough for my players with regard to getting THEM ready for an evolving style of play?

And then I went a step further and wondered: Am I doing right by YOU (my fellow coaches) along these lines?

As I mulled this over, it occurred to me that a “big picture” thought like this deserves a unique approach as a solution.

Obviously, it’s crucial that all of us, as coaches, don’t get bogged down in outdated thinking.

So why don’t I take the lead here and put together a complete solution?!

And that’s exactly what I did. ☺

I took a ‘multi-media’ approach to this one.

First, I wrote a new playbook called – simply enough – “Attacking the Switch”.

This Playbook is a full 65 pages long!

This is that solution.

This collection creates the opportunity to throw sand in the offense’s gears, taking them out of their flow, and making them play a slower, grittier, uglier style of basketball.

The cost of this thorough “Attack the Switch” coaching product is only $17.95

(Hey, we are here to keep everyone progressing forward, so we felt strongly that we didn’t want lack of resources standing in the way…)


See you courtside,


P.S. We know you’ll love it. PLUS, you can rest easy knowing you have done right by yourself and your players.



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