Full Court Pressing Defenses Playbook



About the Full Court Defense:

This pressure defense is modeled after the Run and Stun that Ex-Cleveland State coach Kevin Mackey used to take his Vikings to the sweet sixteen in 1986. It uses a ten or more players to wear down their opponents and keep their team fresh. This Full Court Pressure Defense has been one of the best over the last three years of college basketball.

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Why Press?

-To cause TO’s and leading to easier baskets
-To wear your opponents down
-To play more players on your roster
-To break opponents’ rhythm
-To eat clock on defense- shortening the time for the offense to get a good shot

These are just some of the reasons you should employ a press defense.

This book examines a variety of press defenses employed by some of the press defenses being used today. In this playbook, you will get breakdowns and drills from:

Shaka Smart- VCU and “HAVOC basketball.”
Mike White- Florida
Rick Pitino- Louisville
Jay Wright- Villanova
Scott Drew- Baylor
Mike Anderson- Arkansas and “Fastest 40” (derived from his mentor Nolan Richardson and “40 Minutes of Hell”)
Bob Huggins- West Virginia and “Press Virginia.”

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Whether you want to employ a fast-paced, high-pressure defense or a slower paced, softer press- this playbook will give you the techniques drawn from these coaches
To help you become an efficient 94-foot pressing team.

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 Product Details

In this book, there are over 122 pages of press breakdown and drills that will give every coach an excellent reference to draw from while working on the press defense.


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