Frank Vogel’s Octopus Offense | NBA Indiana Pacer’s Playbook



People in the NBA say that you can’t have the Pacers’ balanced offensive approach suggest no team can win a championship, or even seriously contend for one, without The Man — that singular superstar who has the ball in his hands with the shot clock winding down and the game on the line.

Aren’t you looking for an offense where you don’t have to have a superstar? Do you have a balanced team and need to find something special tailor-made for them?

Frank Vogel of the Indiana Pacers came up with this “sharing the ball offense”. Frank Vogel said. “It’s becoming a pick-your-poison dilemma for teams … we usually have a matchup we can go at and our spacing and our double-team attack is really growing to the point where if they want to double us we’re going to burn them for threes, or post up on the second side because typically we have two legitimate post threats in the game most of the game.”

This NBA Offense is a true Octopus Offense where you don’t need a superstar. There are 96 plays in this playbook that will get your players in the right postitions.

Here’s the Bottom line…..

Learn the NBA Indiana Pacers Top Plays to score

Find out what they do on Pick and Rolls (22 Pick and Roll Set Plays)

Look at the 19 Different Continuity Plays that they run

Walk through the 15 different transition breaks that they use

See how they score with the 10 baseline out of bounds plays


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