Encyclopedia of Pick & Roll Defense



I need to tell you something about creating playbooks you may not know…

They are a HUGE undertaking!

They require TONS of research and man-hours.  

Believe me…

This is why high-quality, up-to-date playbooks are so tough to find!

Playbook creation may be very labor intensive…but the end result?


And this one was absolutely worth the wait…(you’ll be glad you opened this email!)

I just received 99 pages of “awesomeness” in the form of a playbook providing intricate details on how to cover the pick & roll in every possible way.

NOTE: This is a brand new release you will NOT find anywhere else.

Introducing the “Encyclopedia of Pick and Roll Defense” playbook.  

Here is what’s inside:

  • “Concepts, Organization and Technique” pgs. 2-10
  • 10 different types of coverages: “Bump and Under”, “Hard Hedge”, “Soft Hedge”, “Blitz”, “Flat”, “Drop”, “Ice”, “Weak”, “Switch”, “Non-Scoring Area” pgs. 11-54
  • Sections on “Switch Outs”, “Veer Backs” and “Tagging” pgs. 55-75
  • A huge section on “Guarding Popular Actions” pgs. 76-92
  • And of course, a separate section just on “Drills” pgs. 93-99


Let me tell you…

If you’re one of those coaches who keeps an eye out for a solid playbook that will give you an edge on the competition, today is your day.

The “Pick and Roll Defense” playbook is one of those rare no-brainer acquisitions.

Heard enough?



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