Encyclopedia of Pack Line Defense Playbook



[Just Released] The entire UV ‘Pack Line Defense’ playbook

OK, now that the Super Bowl is over and the endless analysis fading, attention will slowly turn back to the court.  

March Madness is looming on the horizon…

One of the teams expected to be there, the University of Virginia, happens to have one of the top defenses in the country.  Period.

And there’s a reason for that…

The man at the helm is Head Coach Tony Bennett.  (You may know that his father, Dick Bennett was the man who created the Pack Line Defense.)


It just so happens, we now have access to the University of Virginia’s  Encyclopedia of Pack Line Defense Playbook.

And the name could not be more accurate.

This just released playbook contains EVERYTHING you need to know about this incredibly effective approach – as it is employed by Coach Bennett at UV.

From key areas to positions and techniques to drills covering multiple scenarios…it’s all here.

Over 70 pages of Pack Line Defense expertise!

You can gain instant access to this playbook by clicking here:

Encyclopedia of Pack Line Defense

Remember:  Even if you don’t use the Pack Line Defense…you will undoubtedly have to face it.

Be ready!

Committed to your success!

Coach Scott Peterman

P.S.  Having this Encyclopedia of Pack Line Defense playbook – as used by the guys at the top – is a fantastic opportunity.

Here’s the link again.  Grab it today!

Encyclopedia of Pack Line Defense  


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