Encyclopedia of Defense Part 3 eBook



Here is Encyclopedia of Defense 3 which is a collection of basketball coaching notes on Defense. You will be able to find half court defense, full court defense, and zone defense ideas in here. It has over 75 coaching clinic notes and over 2500 pages of basketball coaching information.

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Here is a full list of the “Encyclopedia of Defense 3”:

1-3-1 zone maybe John Beilein
2-1-2 Press
Andy Landers: Full Court Pressure
BCAM Annual Basketball Coaches Clinic 2009
Bob Huggins: Matchup Press
Bobby Gonzalez: White / Black Press
Bobby Lutz: Changing Defenses
Brian Gregory: Man to Man Defense
Bruce Hensley: Greenwood Defensive Drills
Bruce Weber: Attacking Gimmick Defenses
Bucknell Matchup Zone
Buzz 2-1-2 Half Court Trapping Zone Defense
Cheryl Burnett: Scramble Defense Diagrams
Cheryl Burnett: Scramble Defense Notes
Clinic to End all Clinics 2008
Clinic to End all Clinics 2009
Darrin Horn: Defensive Concepts and Strategies
Dean Smith: 20 Series Defense – Pressure Man
Don Meyer: Best Things Vegas Nike 2009
Don Meyer: Full Court Trapping Defense Notes
Don Meyer: International Clinic 2008 Notes
Don Meyer: Man to Man Defense
Don Meyer: Special Situations
Don Meyer: Tape 14 Individual Defense
Don Meyer: Nike Vegas 2009 Best Things
Doug Porter: Attack Basketball Trapping Defense
Doug Woodard: Bellevue West Press Defense
Emporia State Denial Point Zone Defense
GAHR Clinic 2009 Notes
Garden State Basketball Clinic 2009
Gregg Marshall: Containment Defense
Igor Kokoskov: Pick and Roll Defense
Jeff Van Gundy: Pick and Roll Defense, Offense, and ideas
Jim Molinari: Bradley Defense
John Calipari: Building a Dominant Defense
John Chaney: Rover Zone
Kent Adams: Pressure Defense
Larry Brown: Indiana Pacers Defensive Concepts
Larry Shyatt: Defense Wins Championships
Leonard Hamilton: Nike Vegas 2006 Half Court Defense
Lon Kruger: Offensive and Defensive Drills
Chris Lowery: Transition Drills
Mike Rice: Half court pressure defense
Nike Basketball Coaching Clinic 2009
Nike Clinic: Maine West High School 2009
Nike Myrtle Beach 2008 Notes
Nike Myrtle Beach 2009 Notes
Nike Vegas 2007 Notes
Point Zone Slide Show
Randy DeShone: Defensive Drills
Rick Barnes: Half court defense
Rick Majerus: Defense and Post Passing
Rick Majerus: Utah Defense 2000
Rick Pitino Press Defense
Robb Berger: Zone Defense
Salesian Basketball Clinic 2008
Sean Miller: Dominanting Man Defense
Seth Greenburg: 13 Zone Defense and Variations
Sioux Falls Clinic 2009 Notes
Spencer 1-1-3 Matchup Zone
Stan Van Gundy: San Fran Clinic 2008
Thad Matta: Defensive Rules
Tom Izzo: Defensive Rebounding Notes
Tom Pecora: Matchup Zone Defense
Tom Pecora: Hofstra Package
Tom Pecora: Half court defense
Tom Izzo: Defending Pick and Rolls
Trent Johnson: LSU 2009 Clinic
Vance Walberg: Full Court Press
Vance Walberg: Half Court Defense Looks
Vance Walberg: Tunica 2-2-1 Press
Vance Walberg: Defense Full Court Press
Vivan Stringer: Pressing to win
Windsor Clinic 2009
Windsor Clinic part 2

PS: As a bonus….. I have also included the “San Antonio Spurs Offense Playbook” for free.

I hope that you enjoy,

Coach Peterman