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I am releasing a new eBook in the Basketball Secrets Unleashed Series. The Dribble Drive Motion Offense “Entry Sets” playbook is now available to you. It has been a very long project that has taken over 4 years to accomplish. I was like you and loved the “AAASA” or Dribble Drive Motion Offense about 5 years ago. I have tape / dvd on DDM from High School, College, and NBA Teams that run DDM. This eBook is some of the earlier entry sets that I compiled from video, talking with DDM coaches, and just reading studying it.

I bet that you are saying… What do you mean “Entry Sets”? About three years ago, when DDM broke on the national scene thanks to the Memphis Tigers, I noticed something. I noticed that the really good teams were running sets into DDM. I started to ask around and got all the video and went to basketball clinics like you. Pepperdine, Memphis, Western Michigan, VMI, and UMASS this year were mainly running sets into DDM. I did notice a little bit of this trend at Fresno City College, but not as much as now.

I have all the dribble drive motion offense DVDs that are on the market. I have heard people tell me that you have to teach the penetration positions (drop, drag, and rack zone) spots, before you can teach defensive reads. That it is like running regular motion, you need to know the screens, before you can teach the cuts off the screens. They said that you need to know what to do on the drag zone drive, before I can worry about where the defender is. Of course, you have to buy these two DVDs to teach the spots, while you buy these two DVDs to teach the reads. Most coaches tell me that it is just too complex to learn.

Last year, I put out a Dribble Drive Motion Offense ebook and most coaches could piece everything together. Questions that I always heard where: I love the offense, but just wish that it wasn’t so much free lance from the beginning. I wish that I could have some “structure” to it. Some of the more successful high school teams across the country started to run some sets with it. I really think that it helps pull the offense together.

I have compiled a little bit of my research from dozens of high school, AAU, Small College, NCAA Division 1, and NBA teams into these entry sets. I think that it will make things so less complication and will help to advance your team’s learning curve of Dribble Drive Motion Offense.

Example of Dribble Drive Motion Offense “Entry Sets” Playbook:

Here is the Table of Contents:

Entry Sets: 37 Plays
Drop Series: 8 Plays
Drag Series: 8 Plays
Cross Series: 9 Plays
Zone Series: 9 Plays

Total Combination of Entry Sets: 71 plays

Here is another example of the Dribble Drive Motion Offense “Entry Sets” Playbook:


I hope that you enjoy it. It was the biggest project that I have done in quite a while. This eBook is the younger days of DDM, because coaches can it or tweak it every year, but I think that you will enjoy what we have for you.

Coach Peterman

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Disclaimer: This eBook was not written by Vance Walberg or John Calipari. It was compiled from researching the Dribble Drive Motion Offense for several years. I have talked with tons of people that have offered insight into these entry sets.


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