Davidson College Offensive Playbook



[**New Release**] The playbook that helped mold Steph Curry at Davidson

NOTE: This is the first announcement of a previously unreleased playbook!

(And we all know how fired up I get when this happens…)

There’s a reason Bill McKillop is the winningest coach in Southern Conference history.

There’s a reason he has over 550 career wins and why Davidson will ALWAYS have a target on their back.

I’ll go as far as to say this…

I firmly believe his program may be the best one for you to study.


The simplicity of Coach McKillop’s approach is IDEAL for young player development.

If you’re not familiar with everything they do. Here’s the short version:

McKillop drives home “Seven Keys”–

Hit Flesh
Do Details
Finish Everything
Jay Bilas’s blog over at ESPN has a nice summary you can check out here:


Now you can dive into the complete details of how “simplicity” is brought to life in a brand new playbook.

Over these 98 pages, you’ll discover exactly why McKillop’s system is an ideal fit for you and your players.

Here’s the breakdown of all 8 sections:

Transition & Motion
Davidson Sets
Baseline Out of Bounds
Sideline Out of Bounds
Davidson 5-Out (This alone is worth the price of the entire playbook!)
Davidson pressbreaker
Davidson Zone Set
Davidson Zone BLOB
Honestly, with this “hot off the presses” playbook in your back pocket, your player’s basketball IQ will take a huge leap UPWARD…

They will become experts at reading defenses and you’ll understand why Coach McKillop prefers a “teaching” approach above just throwing sets out there.

Of course, you may prefer the opinion of Steph Curry over mine…


But in my humble opinion, this playbook represents the strongest system you could plug into your program…bar none.

And today, you can be the first to get your hands on it.

See you courtside,

Scott “gotta love new playbooks” Peterman

Here’s that link one more time…

Get The Complete Davidson College Playbook Here!


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