Dan Ninham–The Panther Multiple Pressure Defense System



Explained in great detail! Panther Scamble Defense and Up-Tempo Offensive System!

149 Pages!


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You don’t know it yet, but at the end of this Playbook, you will have learned the inside and outs of the Panther Scamble Defensive System and Up-tempo Offensive System that lead Coach Dan Ninham to compile a record of 255-83 in 14 seasons!

Absolute Fact! “Dan Ninham’s stifling pressure defensive system has yielded the nation’s second best record of consecutive 100-point games with eight. His constant baseline to baseline defensive pressure has forced opponents into an average of 31 turnovers per game.”

Everyone who reads Dan Ninham’s books on Scramble Defense will want to buy all of his other Playbooks.

You probably already know that you want to spice up your defensive pressure system.

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  • The book diagrams the scramble 23, 22, and 21 defenses

  • The defenses are full and half-court trapping, pressure systems designed to aid an fast breaking offensive system
  • A unique combination of full court, _ and half court alignments keeps the offense on their heels with ball pressure, traps and pass denial. Specific spots in the back court and at mid court are designated for two-man traps.
  • He also provides drills for stealing and trapping. What appears to be organized chaos is an orchestrated and efficient system of attacking the ball and forcing turnovers.

I can’t wait till you try this strategy!

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Coach Peterman

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  • 149 Pages of Basketball Coaching Information
  • Diagrams of the scramble defensive system
  • How to implement this scramble defensive system
  • Drills to implement this system
  • Options on how to make critical adjustments with this system


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