“Cutting Edge Set Plays from the NBA and NCAA Levels” Playbook


I am proud to release “Cutting Edge Set Plays from the NBA and NCAA Division 1 Levels”. I know that you are close to the playoffs and will be scouted really well. Here is a eBook that has over 70 set plays, blobs, and slobs for you.
Don’t make the mistake of adding a couple “new” wrinkles to your set plays, blobs, or slobs. You don’t want to miss the playoffs, because they scouted you and you don’t have a new “play” that you can go to.
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Table of Contents:
NCAA Set Plays: 37 set plays
NBA Set Plays: 25 set plays
NBA Transition Sets: 3 Breaks
Blobs: 7 Blobs
Slobs: 3 Slobs
You can’t beat a couple new set plays, blobs, or slobs to throw off your competition. You should check it out.
Coach Peterman


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