Craig Robinson: Mastering the Princeton 1-3-1 Match-Up Zone


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Craig Robinson: Mastering the Princeton 1-3-1 Match-Up Zone – Basketball — Championship Productions, Inc.

  • Learn the famous Princeton 1-3-1 zone defense
  • Turn the traditional 1-3-1 zone into an aggressive, defensive weapon
  • Increase scoring opportunities by adding momentum-changing trapping action to the 1-3-1 zone
  • Utilize the extended 1-3-1 press to disrupt offense using the same zone principles

with Craig Robinson,
Oregon State University Head Coach

Disrupt any zone offense and create more turnovers on defense with Craig Robinson’s 1-3-1 Defense.

Coach Robinson unveils his multi-dimensional 1-3-1 zone attack, which makes it difficult for the opposition to get the ball into the post, taking away a strength of good zone offenses.

Robinson explains rationale any coach can use to develop their defensive philosophy and deciding on their “go-to” defense.

Learn the five defensive positions and the fundamental rotations within his 1-3-1 zone. Learn how to prevent side-to-side passing, prevent easy catches in the middle of the zone and get tips for grabbing more defensive boards.

Throughout his presentation, Robinson entertains extensive questions regarding:

  • How to defend various drives
  • How to cover the corners and the post
  • What to do when the offense screens your baseline runner
  • How to defend the overload
  • And many more!

Want to be more aggressive, gain momentum, and get more steals? Robinson demonstrates how to trap out of the 1-3-1.

In addition, you will see a “low-risk, high-reward press,” that takes the same 1-3-1 principles and extends the defense into a three-quarter-court press. This trapping press features a delayed trap that uses the element of surprise to force turnovers.

Robinson concludes with wing coverage and post denial breakdown drills and his 4-on-4 shell/boxout game.

Robinson has not only simplified the 1-3-1 and made it easy to implement, he has made it more versatile as well.

Produced at the Spring 2010 Las Vegas, NV Clinic.

62 minutes. 2010.


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