Coach Princeton Basketball: Keys to Unlocking the Backdoor Offense



Coach Princeton Basketball: Keys to Unlocking the Backdoor Offense

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Learn the basketball system that Hall of Famer Pete Carril created to give his teams a competitive advantage against superior talent. This system places an emphasis on shot selection created by five player purposeful cutting and quick ball movement. Negate the advantage of a pressure man to man defensive team with this offense and win more games.

While the pick and roll and dribble drive offenses are popular right now, this unselfish style of backdoor offense will never be a fad or lose its effectiveness and has proven its value at the professional and college level against the best defenses in the world. Want to be different? Want to have a team where all five players share the ball and create shots for one another? This is the offense for any coach that wants to understand why basketball is called “The Beautiful Game.”

There are many imitators, but none have been more successful than the system this offense is based upon and there is no better teacher than Coach DeForest. Coach DeForest produced the heavily reviewed Five-Star Rated DVD entitled “Winning with the Princeton Style Offense” with Championship Productions and returns now, five years later, to share all of the secrets and breakdowns and sets that were not included in the original DVD. Not only will you see all of the sets, but you will also see every breakdown drill, offensive set, and zone offense that accompanies this high octane offense. Shoot layups and three point shots at a pace you dictate.

Learn how these sets interchange and adapt to counter any defensive scheme. This ebook provides all the teaching point details necessary to understand how to teach and coach this offense. This ebook details the best way to teach this offense and adapt it to your personnel.

The Six Interchangeable Sets Of The Backdoor Offense Include:
1. Chin
2. Low
3. Point
4. Twirl
5. Five Out
6. X

Using the sets of this  backdoor offense, learn to screen a sagging defense and back cut a pressure defense. In addition, included are fourteen different sets that are counters in this offense allowing a coach to take advantage of mismatches, score quickly with a three point shot, or score from a defensive mistake. You will learn what to look for in an opposing defense and the counter designed to take advantage of that defensive strategy. Whether a coach tries to sag in certain places or switch certain screens or even trap in certain areas there is counter for anything the defense can do. This level of organization will leave you in the driver’s seat against any defense, including a zone defense, and allow you to focus on winning the basketball game instead of worrying about what plays to run each trip down the floor. Not only do you get the zone offenses and set plays with this ebook, but also included are the baseline out of bounds and side out of bounds and press offense organization that provides a complete offensive picture of this basketball system.

NBA Analytics proves the value of three point shots and layups using statistical efficiency as proof. The Princeton Basketball Offensive System places a premium on backdoor layups and 3 point shots by sets and cuts that place pressure on a defense. This system is fully adaptable to any talent level and allows a coach to focus on skill development to create game-like habits in practice along with shooting drills and breakdown drills that make the cuts and shots in this offense so predictable yet almost impossible to stop.

Download this sample of the Coach Princeton Basketball: Keys to Unlocking the Backdoor Offense:

Coach Princeton Basketball: Keys to Unlocking the Backdoor Offense


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