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Who is Chris Holtmann?

The word to describe Chris Holtmann’s brief, six-year head coaching career is successful. He spent three years at Gardner-Webb, taking a team that won eight games the year before he arrived at a school Division record 21 wins his final season. Due to that success, he was able to take home Big South Coach of the Year honors. Next, he moved on to Butler as an assistant before becoming the head coach the following season. In his three years at the Butler University, his teams went 70-31 in the Big East and made the NCAA Tournament each year. This past season he took home Big East Coach of the Year honors. Now he will look to continue this success in the Big Ten as the new coach of Ohio State University and return the Buckeyes to their former level.


About the Butler University / Ohio State Offense

Coach Holtmann will bring with him an offense that revolves around three things: great spacing, solid screening, and crisp ball movement. Coach Holtmann is very skilled at identifying who his best offensive players are and what their strengths are and creating sets to get them the ball where they can have success. Due to the constant movement and spacing in what they run, there are driving lanes available that lead to layups or kick outs to shooters.


 What does this Chris Holtmann Butler / Ohio State Playbook give you?

This playbook includes over 50 sets that Coach Holtmann ran during his time at Butler, including many from this year’s NCAA Tournament. It includes their:
* Ballscreen Offense series
* Horns series
* Isolation series
* Post diagonal series
* Numerous other assorted man plays
* And a creative set of 1-4 low baseline out of bounds series
These sets are easy to implement but will enhance any team’s offense by creating a variety of scoring options for their best players.


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