Butler vs VCU Scouting Report by Dana Beszczynski



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Butler vs VCU Scouting Report

Two of the up & coming young coaches in the game today, 3 Final Fours between them, and players who buy into their teams systems! VCU not only gets after it for 40:00 on the defensive end, but the offensive sets take advantage of players strengths and put them in a position to score. The constant ball screening actions make it hard for defenses to switch! Brad Stevens Butler offense is intricate and really takes advantage of movement and with Rotnei Clark, the team has a reliable shooter just waiting for the defense to sag or help. This playbook is one of the hottest of the year due to the fact that these coaches know what it takes to get their players to buy into the “team concept” and sacrifice personal glory. Take a look inside and you won’t put it down! If your program is on the verge of being a top contender, then this playbook is right for you!!