Bryce Drew Dvd: Multiple Strategies for Attacking Zone Defenses New!


Discover the essential fundamentals for beating a 2-3 zone defense from Bryce Drew Dvd!

bryce drew dvd

  • Develop the necessary fundamentals for executing against a 2-3 zone defense from this Bryce Drew Dvd!
  • This Bryce Drew DVD will teach you some easy passing drills that will get your team moving the ball with quickness and accuracy that is needed to break down a zone defense!
  • Figure out your basic zone offense to exploit your opponents weaknesses and maximize your strengths.
  • Develop a sound attacking zone defense philosophy with solid plays that will get your players the best looks for them.

Bryce Drew is the Vanderbilt Commodores head basketball coach. He was also the head coach at his former school, Valparaiso, where he took over for his father, Homer Drew. Bryce also has a brother, Scott Drew, that is the head coach of the Baylor Bears. Bryce Drew is known for hitting a buzzer winning the shot in the first round of the 1998 NCAA Tournament.

Coach Drew believes that offense that moves the ball and puts the players in scoring positions is best for his team. In this DVD, you will see how Bryce Drew puts in his zone offensive concepts.

Most teams struggle at first going up against a zone. It’s usually because the players hold the ball too long and don’t effectively pass the ball to make the zone move from side to side.

Coach Drew will have his team demonstrate the drills that need to move the ball with quickness and accuracy to break down the zone defense. He will also show you how to take advantage of your team with various ideas on how to break down a 2-3 zone. Coach Bryce Drew will give you six set plays and ways to beat an odd or even zone defense.

Bryce Drew Dvd:  Passing Skill Development Drills

Coach Drew will take you through how to pass and break down the fundamentals of passing. These two practice drills will teach you the points that you need to improve your player’s passing skills, on the baseball pass, overhead passing, chest passes, and bounce passing as well as ball fakes. The ball pass is for last second situations. He will also show you how to add competition to your passing drills and give basketball tips on how to pass the basketball without wasted action on your passes. These basketball tips will give your team an added offensive advantage.

These drills will show your players how to swing the ball quickly to the open shooter. The defense will be split apart with your teams improved accuracy and skill.

Bryce Drew Dvd:  How to beat a 2-3 Zone

Coach Bryce Drew’s offense is adjustable and can be made to fit your basketball players in the right spots to be successful. The roles and ideas for executing this zone offense are explained with these players show how the offense should be run to your advantage.

Your team will learn the ideas on how post players should break down a 2-3 zone defense. What they should do to help the other post players and perimeter players to put pressure on the zone slides. Coach Bryce Drew will show you some great inside-out set plays that utilize your position players.

This zone offense will attack with different alignments and allow your team to be big or small against the other team. You will be able to spread the floor with your shooters, or you can play a four out the offense that flashes the post players to the weak areas of the zone. If you have a great post player, then Coach Bryce Drew will show you how to play him in this zone offense.

Set Plays versus a 2-3 Zone

Here are six unique set plays that will allow your team to break down a 2-3 zone defense. The set plays use ball screens, overloads, and screening on the baseline to get open shots. There are three unique plays out of a stack formation that will all you to confuse the defense.

Coach Bryce Drew will show you how to attack an odd-front zone with overloads and how your post players can get points easily. If you like to spread out the floor, then he shows you the high post option out of these set plays.

Coach Drew will show you everything that he knows how to beat a 2-3 zone. You will get all the drills and set plays that will break down the zone so your players can score.

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