Bob Hurley–Building a Multiple Defensive System–Youth Basketball Coaching Dvds


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Bob Hurley: Building a Multiple Defensive System – Basketball — Championship Productions, Inc.

  • Create a dominating Multiple Defensive System that confuses your opponents
  • Learn four signature presses and traps
  • Implement strategies to shut down your opponent’s best player

Turn your team into a defensive powerhouse using the same concepts used by legendary high school coach Bob Hurley.

System Philosophy
Hurley stresses the importance of never staying in the same system for too long and how to adapt to your players’ strengths. He shares the three things that he works on every day to build his man-to-man defense.

Pick up the three essential rules that your team must follow in order to be successful against teams that like to push the ball in transition. Learn how to turn the table on a pattern team and make them play in an uncomfortable setting.

Building the Press
Hurley demonstrates four different styles of presses and traps that he utilizes to take the other team out of their comfort zone. He explains what he does in all late game situations, his philosophy behind it and why it has been so successful.

Gimmick Defenses
Within his system, Hurley explains that in every game he uses an “element of surprise” for at least one possession. Hurley tells stories of how he prepares for the opposition’s leading scorer and what he does to keep that player from scoring.

Order now and teach the same defensive principles that Bob Hurley has used to win three USA Today National Championships!



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