Blocker Mover Offense by Tom Jicha


Blocker Mover Offense by Tom Jicha

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Develop an blocker mover offense that will get the ball in your scorer’s hands by Tom Jicha!

Make sure that your best players are the ones getting the right shots at the right time!

Change the offense up quickly with set plays, options, and counters!

Keep offensively challenged players on the floor as role players!

The Blocker Mover Offense is efficient for all levels of basketball. Coach Tom Jicha will give you instruction on how to implement the offense, break down drills, options to the offense, and counters to those options. The offense is one of the most efficient in the game today.

The Mover-Blocker Offense – Basketball — Championship Productions, Inc.

Coach Jicha will give you five reasons why he uses the Blocker Mover Offense. He likes the ball to get to his best player’s hand, and this offense kills help defense.

Basics of Blocker Mover Offense

In this offense, you only have two types of players: blockers and movers. Coach Jicha will give the roles of each player. The blocker sets all the screens and learns how to get the guards open looks. The blocker will use the down screen and flare screen most.

He will also explain the role of movers and how they position, move, and initiate the offense. Movers play three on three basketball with their defenders and use the blocker to get them open for shots.

Coach Jicha will show the basic motion of this offense which he calls Circle. He will talk about the five top areas that produce scoring possibilities.

The five top areas are three point shots off a down screen, post entry, back screen layups, re-screening on the opposite side, two man game, and how to initiate the offense.

Coach Jicha will also show you the different defensive tactics that most teams use and the counters for them. Straight pop outs, cross screens, bumps, L-cuts, and dribble hand-offs are extremely useful.


How to score in the Blocker Mover Offense

Coach Jicha shows the nine different ways to attack the defense. The options include back screens, flare screen, and seven cuts.

Several different types of two man game are in this offense. Coach Jicha will show you how to control the offense from the bench. He will also show you what will work if the initial option de

The Blocker Mover Offense is perfect for any middle school, high school, or college coach that only has 2-3 scorers, or for teams that play great help defense.

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