“Best Basketball Coaching Notes Volume 3” eBook released along with over 100 chalkboard diagrams and my Euroleague Playbook eBook


Coaches, I am proud to announce my newest collection of basketball coaching notes: “Best Basketball Coaching Notes Volume 3” eBook. I will also include all the “Chalkboard diagrams” that have been on my blog this past season. The “Chalkboard diagrams” will have over 100 diagrams. As a bonus, I am going to include my “International Basketball Strategies” eBook. Needless to say that you will have enough information to keep you busy for quite a while. Buy Here: Add to Cart:  Add to Cart View cart:  Here is the list of basketball coaching notes on this ebook: 1-3-1 Zone / 2-3 Combo Zone 1-3-1 zone defense 1-3-1 Lob Pass Zone 2-3 Matchup Zone 4 out 1 in secondary break Bob Hurley One Day Clinic Bob Knight: Man to Man Defense Notes Bob Knight: Motion Offense Notes Bob Knight: Practice Planning and Practice Drills Bozidar Malikovic: Zone Offense Buzz 2-1-2 Half court trapping defense Carlo Recalcati: Man offense Dale Brown: Readings on Leadership Dana Altman: Creighton Spread Offense Dave Bliss: 4 man flex offense / quick hitters package Dave Paulsen: Motion Offense for Beginners Defense Dvd Breakdowns Del Harris: Coaching Bullets Dick Bennett: Lousiana Basketball Clinic 1995 Dick Devenzio / Dena Evans Point Guard College 2003 Don Meyer: Game Analysis Don Meyer: Possession Chart Don Meyer: Tape 5 Matchup Zone Notes Eric Musselman: Twirl C Series Offense Ettore Messina: Man offense / Defense Belgrade 2004 Gary Williams: Maryland Flex Offense Diagrams George Blaney: Uconn individual workouts Greg McDermott: Set Play Offense Gregg Popovich: Belgrade Clinic 2004 Igor Kokoskov: Pick and Roll Offense Jeff Van Gundy: St. Ben’s 2009 Notes Jeff Petitgoue: 20 Set Plays Jim Boeheim: Syracuse 2-3 matchup rules Jim Boeheim: Syarcuse 2-3 matchup zone Jim Calhoun: Uconn Secondary Offense Jim Calhoun: Fast Break 2004 clinic Jim Calhoun: Uconn free throw shooting Joanne McCallie: Matchup zone defense John Hedstrom: Dribble Attack Offense Cass Lake Clinic 2009 John Kresse: Multiple Trapping defense Josh Kerkau: 5 Out Transition Offense Leon Rice: 12 quick hitters for flex offense Lithuania 2008 basketball clinic notes Mike Divillbiss: Buzz half court zone Mike Rudd: Continutiy Inside Game Morgan Wooten: Coaching to win / special situations New Jersey Nets Practice notes 2009 Pat Summitt: Tennessee Playbook 2006-2009 Phil Beckner: 100 things that I learned coaching at college level Stan Van Gundy: Orlando Magic Formula for Success Steve Nash: 20 minute workout Steve Nash: shooting workout Steve Smith: High Scoring Transition Game Ted Rodopoulos: Zone Offense Tim Schuring: Transition Break Transition into motion offense Vance Walberg: Full Court Press Defense Vance Walberg: Full Court Press Defense Notes 2 Will Rey: Box and One Offenses I hope that you enjoy. Coach Peterman

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