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I am proud to introduce “Best Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes – Volume 4”.  It includes 79 basketball coaching clinic notes and 56 chalkboards.  It is totally packed with basketball coaching information.  I have complied these notes for the  last six months.  You can learn man offense, zone offense, man to man defense, zone defense, slobs and blobs, and tons more.

Here is a list of the basketball coaching clinic notes:

2009 Power Clinic Notes
Ball Handling Workouts
Ben Jacobson UNI Offense Zone
Blaine Taylor Old Dominion 14 options for transition
Bob Huggins West Virginia 5 Out Motion Offense
Chad Bendict – Program Building for Hs.
Dan Watson – Hs. Defense fro Macomb Hs.
Dave Paulsen – Motion Offense for dummies
David Arseneault: Grinnell System Notes
Ed Schilling Mandatory Moves Notes
Euroleague: Three of a Kind Clinic Notes
Final Four 2010 Slobs
Fran Fraschilla Ball Screen Offense
Gary Smith Relands System Notes
Gregg Marshall Wichita State Playbook
Jay Wright Notes
Jim Boone: Motion Offense Clinic
Jimmy Tillette Samford 5 out Motion Offense
Keith Richard: LSU Man to Man defense
Kevin Boyle Shell drill notes
Kevin Boyle Zone offense notes
Lon Kruger Atlanta Hawks Playbook
Loren Wallace 1-2-2 Press Power Point
Mark Phelps Drake University Skill and Player development
Nike Clinic Notes on Basketball Gun Drills
Nike Las Vegas 2010 Clinic Notes
Paul Westhead Loyala Marymount Notes
Phil Beckner: NBA Draft – College Differences
Princeton Secondary Break
Rick Duckett Grambling State Man defense
Sean Miller Arizona Wildcats NABC 2010 Clinic Notes
Vance Walberg Mid-south Clinic 2007 notes
Villa 7 Conference 2009 Notes
5 Star Clinic Chicago Notes Zak
70 Blobs and Slobs
Baylor Individual and Team Defensive Concepts
Ben Jacobson Competitive Drills for man defense
Ben Jacobson Special Drills to improve your team
Bill Self Kansas 2 Game Notes
Bobby Knight FortWalton 2009 Notes
Bruce Weber: Defense Diagrams
Bruce Weber: Transition Defense
Dave Stricklin: Triangle Entries
Defending the Flex Offense
Double Pump Clinic Notes
Dribble Drive Attack Notes
Ettore Messina Nike Hamburg Europe Clinic Notes
Flex Offense – Set Plays
Florida Coaches Improvement Clinic 2009 Notes
Florida Coaches Improvement Clinic 2010 Notes
Fran Fraschilla Ball Screen Offense
Herb Welling Dribble Drive Motion Offense Notes
Jackie Ansely Nike Hamburg Post Clinic 2010
Jay Wright: Building a player the wright way
Jeff Young: Toughness Drills
Jerry Petitgoue: DDM Offense Notes
Jerry Tarkanian Amoeba Defense Notes
Jim Calhoun Clinic to end all Clinic 2010 notes
Jim Boeheim 2-3 Zone Defense Keys
Kevin Eastman: Nike Skill Developement Camp Notes
Lawrence Frank Clinic to end all clinic notes 2010
Lon Kruger / Herb Sendek 2010 Gahr Notes
Mike Garland Michigan state rebounding notes
Niagara out of bounds plays
Phil Martelli Notes about sitting still 2010
Rising Coaches Conference Notes 2010
Rising Coache Elite Notes 2010 (different set)
Sean Miller / Jim Boylen Gahr Clinic notes
Sergio Scariolo Nike Hamburg Coaching Clinic Notes
Sergio Scariolo International Nike Coachign Clinic 2010 notes
Seth Greenberg Quick Hitters and Ramsey Continuity offense
Seth Greenberg Ramsey Offense Diagrams
Sylvia Hatchell UNC Offensive Philosophy
Tom Izzo Notes
Tony Barone Daily Defensive Drills
Vivian Stringer 55 Defense Clinic to end all Clinic Notes 2010

I hope that you enjoy this great set of basketball coaching notes.

Coach Peterman


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