Baylor Guard Development Basketball Instruction Dvd

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This is an incredible first hand look at how Baylor University has produced some of the best guards in the country over the past 5 seasons since Scott Drew and his staff resurrected the program. Filmed at Baylor and conducted with Bears assistant coach Mark Morefield leading the workout, this DVD covers the skill-building 50 minute workout that is the cornerstone of the Baylor player development efforts.

Beginning with a specific warm up shooting routine and concluding with a 5 spot cool down routine, the workout covers everything from ball-handling to shooting and finishing at the rim – all in an intense six drill workout that is maybe the finest used at the high D1 level.

The drills included are Tracing The Arc, “Get Open” Series, Commando Ball-Handling, 5 spot Shooting, 1 on 1 Moves, and the Jab Step/Shot Fake Series.

Running Time: 42 Minutes.

1 review for Baylor Guard Development Basketball Instruction Dvd

  1. Mark Armstrong

    Great,i coach girls basketball, will help develop them

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