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90+ basketball drills from NBA All-Stars

Every aspiring player needs the right basketball drills in order to get better and succeed. What’s the main point of basketball? Of course, it’s to score more than the other opponent. That’s why the best scorers are always the biggest stars, as they are doing the most important thing. Without scorers, you cannot be a successful basketball team. Some of the best scorers in the NBA right now, and perhaps ever, are players like Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, and Derrick Rose. What if you could have the basketball drills these outstanding scorers use to improve their game each and every day? Well, now you can with the “2012 NBA All-Star Scoring Drills.”

The more basketball drills you have that can give you the most ways to score, the better off you and your team will be. Your team can start to look to you as the go-to scorer when times get tough. It takes practice, and having the right tools. These basketball drills from the best scorers on the planet can get you started. Practice them and you or, if you are a coach, your best scorer will become even more deadly and have new ways of scoring on the opposition.

With this book, you will have all the basketball drills you need, for every position, with regards to learning new ways to score. If you are a versatile inside-out player, you can see all the ways that Lebron James seeks to score, and the basketball drills he uses in order to practice them. If you are a good scorer, you usually have a favorite shot and the defense will start figuring out where you like to shoot from and start to deny you that position. But if you have diligently practiced 10 different ways to get the ball in the basket, you can go to another one of your weapons that the defense has not seen you use yet. With the variety you will learn in these basketball drills, you will always be keeping them guessing.

Whether you are a coach and want to use these to improve the ability of all your players to score, or a player looking to step up your game, you will find what you need in the pages of this book. Yes, great NBA players have great natural ability, but they would not be as good as they without using these basketball drills to get better and better every day in practice.

Buy This Playbook for $17.95


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