A System of Success: 2nd Edition National Champion Basketball Playbook



The following pages are a collection of high school and college champion coaches, national coach of the year honoree’s, and world champion coaches submissions of profiles, drills, and plays that the coaches generously provided to other coaches to add to their knowledge in the profession of basketball coaching.

Table of Contents

1. Cleve Wright, Gannon University 1

2. Mike Appel, Sandhills Community College 6

3. Kelly Wells, University of Pikeville 8

4. Mike Harmon, Southern Virginia University 19

5. Paul Thomas, Saint Mary’s College of California 25

6. Larry Hunter, Wittenberg University 30

7. Sylvia Hatchell, University of North Carolina 41

8. Romeo Lagmay, Jr., Talladega College 45

9. Paul Culpo, Castleton State College 48

10. Kevin Vande Streek, Calvin College 51

11. Patrick Esteep, Cedarville University 57

12. J.R. Holmes, Bloomington South High School, Indiana 72

13. Stan Benge, Ben Davis High School, Indiana 73

14. Becky Geyer, Trinity University 84

15. Don Showalter, USA Basketball 86

16. Kelvin Sampson, World Champion Basketball 90

17. Don Klaas, College of DuPage 100

18. Danny Henderson, Marcus High School, Texas 105

19. Ron Niekamp, University of Findlay 110

20. Carol Halford, Williams Baptist College 118

21. Jim Kessler, Grace College


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