60 Seconds with KG! (Learn Dribble Drive Motion Offense)



This is a Video / Diagram Playbook that will walk you through 25 different areas of Dribble Drive Offense, Multiple Pressing System, and much more.

Kurt Guelsdorf, Assistant Women’s Coach for Clackamas Community College

former Oregon City High School (OR) Girl’s Head Coach;
450+ career wins;
3x State Championships (’04, ’09, ’14)

Long-time head coach Kurt Guelsdorf has always worked to put his players in the best possible situation to be successful. Over the years, he has learned and studied some of the best coaches in today’s game.  We think that you will love this new type of playbook and concept.


EPISODE 1:  Attacking the sag and switch vs. Dribble Drive Motion.

EPISODE 2:  Multiple Press System: using the quarter system and “zones”

EPISODE 3:  More advanced dribble-drive: false motions and Isolations

EPISODE 4:  Improving your press defense: hot zones in press + drills

EPISODE 5:  Entries for your dribble drive motion/4-out offense

EPISODE 6: Special Situations JUMP BALL PLAYS to score and attack

EPISODE 7:  BASELINE OB READS: 3 quick reads to score under the basket

EPISODE 8:  PRESEASON PLANNING: preparing for the upcoming season.

EPISODE 9:  End of Quarter, End of Half, End of Game!

EPISODE 10:  Transition Automatics: 3 sets/entries in your transition game

EPISODE 11:  Analyzing Your Offense! + Guard and Post finishing work

EPISODE 12:  Early season practice planning: a template and a practice plan

EPISODE 13:  Shot Selection: Using Points Per Shot to guide your offense

EPISODE 14:  Improving your transition defense: “Change” drills

EPISODE 15:  Non-negotiables in your program: establishing a great environment

EPISODE 16:  Tryout ideas for high school coaches

EPISODE 17:  Practice drills to improve your defense: 3 v 3, 4 v 4, and a 5 v 5 drill

EPISODE 18:  How to practice special situations + 2 BLOB’s to score

EPISODE 19:  Team shooting drills: my favorite team shooting drills

EPISODE 20:  Ideas to expand your playbook + a BLOB, SLOB,  and a transition set

EPISODE 21:  Drills for trapping defense: 3 great drills to help your press defense

EPISODE 22:  Zone Busters: 3 actions to score vs. a 2-3 zone

EPISODE 23:  Backdoor plays:  3 great backdoor plays

EPISODE 24:  Adjustments for league + 3 quick hitters to score

EPISODE 25:  Full court press breaks: 4 great press breaks to get the ball in.


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