2016 NCAA Tournament – Best Man Offense Set Plays



“This playbook gives you the plays that the NCAA tournament field used against man-to-man defenses. Learn from the best coaching minds including Jay Wright, Lon Kruger, Bill Self, and Roy Williams.”

The 2016 NCAA Tournament – Best Man Offense Set Plays playbook contains 116 plays from all 64 teams that participated in the 2016 NCAA Tournament. Inside you can see how each team attacked man defenses in the tournament. You will get challenging strategies used by coaches across the NCAA as well as unique twists to offenses that you can introduce to your everyday practice.

Best Man Offense Set Plays Right Now!

This is a complete collection of the best man offense set plays implemented in the recent NCAA Tournament. It is a collection of the latest plays implemented by the best coaches in the USA. It’s also a collection you can immediately introduce to your personal playbook, no matter if you coach a college in the US, or a professional team in Europe, Asia or Africa. I strongly suggest you to take a look in the Contents below as well as the sample file attached. You will find some challenging ideas on how to attach man defenses implemented by your opponents.

If you see the team included you will see that some of the best minds in basketball coaching can be found inside. Coaches Calipari, Wright, Izzo and many more are only some of the names included in the playbook.


Sample Plays


Download this playbook and add the best plays used in the tournament to your team’s playbook now!


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