2014 Howard Garfinkel Basketball Coaches Clinic


Check out the 2014 Howard Garfinkel Basketball Coaches Clinic! Great College Basketball Coaches tell their secrets!

2014 Howard Garfinkel Basketball Coaches Clinic

The 2014 Howard Garfinkel Basketball Coaches Clinic has the best college coaches sharing their knowledge and insights with you on how to get better on offense, defense, and fundamentals. There is six information filled sessions.

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  • Watch the 2014 Howard Garfinkel Basketball Coaches Clinic to see some of the best college basketball coaches in the country in the privacy of your home.
  • Jim Boeheim will show you ten man-to-man plays that will break down the defense and give your best player some great looks.
  • Billy Donovan will show you how to trap in the full court, half court, and all other kinds of trapping situations.
  • John Calipari will teach you how to break down 3-on-3 as a what to teach players on the proper reads and decisions of a set play.

Billy Donovan, Head Coach of the NBA OKC Thunder, will demonstrate his full court pressure ideas. He will show you all about his full court pressure system that will maximize your roster while minimizing your risk. Coach Donovan will demonstrate trapping in the full and half court areas as well as how to set up your full court pressure defense. You will learn all the techniques to make your pressure defense successful.

John Calipari, Head Coach of the Kentucky Wildcats, will talk to you about coaching ideas and practice drills to improve your team. Coach Call will show you how he gets the most out of his players to play as a team. You will learn some of Kentucky’s favorite practice drills for developing passing, teamwork, and decision-making.

Jim Boeheim, Head Coach of the Syracuse Orangemen, will show you several quick hitters to attack man and zone defenses. Coach Boeheim will dig in his extensive playbook of pick & roll plays to show you how to get specific players the shots that will make them successful. You will also get to see two actions that are extremely hard to guard if the other team is playing an even front.

Seth Greenburg, Former Head Coach of Virginia Tech / ESPN Commentator, will discuss his 1-3-1 zone defense that made him famous. He will show you how to increase the intensity of your zone by taking away the passing lanes. Coach Greenbury will give you a strategy for forcing more turnovers and points in transition. He will show you how to keep the offense off the boards and cheat out on great shooters. He will cover scrambling and trapping the corners to disrupt shooters.

Brian Beaury will demonstrate how he got 500 wins in his career by showing you his valuable basketball drills. Coach Beaury will give you twelve basketball drills that will maximize your practices and help teach fundamentals in a competitive practice. Every basketball training will give your players some fresh ideas on how to get better.

Mike Fratello, Former NBA Coach, will share his basketball knowledge with you as he has some great ideas from the NBA. He will give you the best skill development tips, defensive drills, and quick hitters that will help your team immediately. You will love his wisdom, and it will change your basketball practices forever.

The 2014 Howard Garfinkel Basketball Coaches Clinic will blow you away. Howard Garfinkel was one of the best basketball minds of his time. Garf wanted to show you his respect by giving you a lifetime of basketball knowledge from these speakers.

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