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John Calipari is known for his famous “Dribble Drive” motion offense that helps players create space off the dribble and use their own strength and speed to attack their opponent. Now you can have access to all of John Calipari’s motion offense plays from the 2014-2015 Kentucky Wildcats.

Wildcats Basketball Pro Style Offense

John Calipari expanded his playbook for the 2014-2015 Wildcat’s basketball squad to run a pro-style offense. This Kentucky Wildcat’s basketball playbook includes quality motion offense plays that will allow you to incorporate two big players on the floor and to take advantage of the size difference of your opponent. This Wildcat’s basketball playbook will help you bring a pro-style offense to your team and keep your opponents guessing on every possession.

Wildcats Basketball Offensive Set Plays

Along with the pro-style offense that John Calipari incorporates into the Wildcat’s offense, this basketball playbook 42 different set plays to run against man, zone defenses, end of half/game situations, and baseline/sideline out of bounds sets. Buy the Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Playbook and start running “Horns” set plays and add a new layer of offense to your arsenal.

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