2012 NCAA Division 1 Basketball Championship Playbook


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Plays to break any zone defense

If you want plays to break any defense, whether it’s a zone defense or a man-to-man defense, you want to learn from teams who are already successful at what they are doing. If you could learn what teams who have made it to the championship tournaments are running, would you take that opportunity? You may find plays to break down a particularly hard zone defense, or plays that expand your team’s repertoire. Whatever the case, you can find plays from all teams in the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship field inside the “2012 Men’s Division I Basketball Championship Playbook” by Brandon Rosenthal.

One of the most common defensive sets you will find at any level, besides the NBA, is the 2-3 zone defense. Any team will run plays based on facing this kind of defensive set. There are a myriad of different ways you can attack the 2-3 zone defense, but it’s always good to be showing such a defense different looks. You want to win the strategic battle and be able to outthink the opposition on the basketball court at all times. So, learning from teams who have had great seasons, you can find out all kinds of different offenses you can throw at this zone defense and any other set you may encounter during a game.

Of course, a team may be in a 2-3 defense and then suddenly change to a 3-2 or a 1-1-3, and it can throw your players off their game. What do you do in this situation? Just throw your hands up in the air because you haven’t practiced against this zone defense? No, of course it’s best to have a few different plays for any zone defense you know you will face. The best teams have several different plays to turn to when they need to shake things up and try to confuse the other team.

So, do not fear any zone defense. Be prepared and learn from successful teams. A lot of teams that make it to the end-of-season tournaments use simple offensive sets that are versatile and can run many different plays. They just practice a lot and know what kinds of plays to run against what kinds of defenses. This can be a good way to go, so your team does not get too confused. Regardless of your strategy, just make sure you know as much as you can about the best ways to dominate a zone defense.

Buy this Playbook Now for $17.95


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