Pro Basketball Fundamental Ball Handling Workout by Tim Springer

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Pro Basketball Fundamental Ball Handling Workout by Tim Springer

It’s a fundamental workout I have Danielle Robinson do while she is over seas to keep her ball handling sharp until she comes back and we can work more. The WNBA Star workout will keep your guards sharp on their ball handling. It’s a great workout that you can use in your basketball program.

Through dedication to his players and a commitment to hard work, Coach Springer has developed into one of the most sought after skill development coaches in Texas.
Passion is a understatement to the dedication he has to the game of basketball. More than anything he wants to see all players win on and off the court.

Springer’s playing career reached the collegiate level while living in New York. It was there that he learned the game under the coaching of the New York State Junior College Coach of the Year (2005-2006). It was this same coach that helped him find his passion for teaching the game.

Since arriving in San Antonio, he has helped multiple middle school and high school programs reach the district finals. He is currently the Girls Varsity Basketball Coach at Castle Hills First Baptist School. In 2011, Coach Springer led the CH Eagles to the Tapps Regional Finals and was nominated for 1A Coach of the Year.

He currently works with D1, international, NBA and WNBA players. In 2011, Tim was a coaching intern with the San Antonio Silver Stars (WNBA) and participated in much of the player development for the team. Coach Springer keeps a strong commitment to personal growth for the sake of helping others. He is a infantryman in the Army National Guard and has a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. In 2012 Coach Springer was selected as a Ganon Baker certified coach and trainer.

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Click on the pdf link to download the Pro Basketball Fundamental Ball Handling Workout:

Pro Basketball Fundamental Ball Handling Workout by Tim Springer

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