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Princeton Offense has been one of the mostly used in current professional basketball. It is great for youth, college and high school teams that want to create some good scoring opportunities. It is also easy to teach, if you have the right teaching material in your hands. This ebook contains everything you need to introduce this specific offense to your team and your everyday practice. It will help you learn the ultimate practice plan for teaching the Princeton Offense.

Included are all of the ball toughness drills, shooting drills, breakdown drills, and master practice plan to teach this offense to your players. In addition, you get to see actual practice plans and ways to develop your team using the principles of this offense.

The secret to any offense is teaching spacing and limiting turnovers. Learn how to get great shots and limit the number of turnovers using drills designed to teach the fundamentals of dribbling, passing, and decision-making. This ebook includes all of the drills used by Coach DeForest to teach the Princeton Basketball System to all his teams. It is a great source of information for all basketball coaches.

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