Princeton Shooting Drill

Princeton Shooting Drill



Players line up at foul line extended – Drill can use two balls, but you will quickly move to four balls to keep it moving.  A chair is placed at foul line to act as screener.

Princeton Shooting Drill

How it Works

1.#1 cuts hard to the ball, “curls” to the basket, receives a pass from #2 and shoots a lay-up off one or two feet as designated by coach.

2.The passer #2 immediately cuts to receive a pass from #3 and calls “curl” and receives a pass for a lay-up.

3.Drill continues as players rebound own shot and outlet to end of line and switch lines. Go for 2-3 minutes.

4.Next, using same alignment and format, have player cut straight to the ball off screen and receive ball for an elbow jumper.

5.Emphasize: Good passes with hand away from defense –left hand from right wing. Also quick turn, shoulders squared and quick release. Go for 2 -3 minutes.

6.Next, have players cut hard to the chair and call “ flare” and back pedal for an overhead pass for a jumper.

7.Emphasize hard cut, passer fake pass to past or corner then rise up to throw overhead pass.

8.For shooter get feet set, shoulders squared – form shooting on the move. Go 2 -3 minutes.

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