Have you ever heared about the Princeton Offense? This is one of the most usually implemented offenses in college basketball. It is also one of the most successfull. I highly recommend this to all coaches who want to balance their offense and get the most out of it. With a combination of constant motion, all around moving, well scheduled and organized basketball the Princeton Offense aims to create unbalance to the rival defense, take advantage of  free spaces your opponents leave, and giving your team the space it needs to get some free shots. In the end, basketball is always aiming to taking advantage of your opponents mistakes and mismatches and the Princeton Offense is this specific offensive strategy that will increase these mismatches in your opponents defense.

Princeton Offense

Princeton Offense Hybrid Playbook

That’s why I always refer to it when I talk to basketball coaching clinics and why I always suggest it to coaches who are looking for some good material to refresh their basketball strategies. You can find everything you need to implement this specific way of organizing your offensive plans (even information on how to introduce it to your players and how to instruct them its basic principles) in the Princeton Hybrid Offense Playbook me and my contributors have put up together and we are offering to basketball coaches all over the world now.




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