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We have a new addition to our basketball coaching website and it will deal with basketball drills for beginners, Basketball Offenses, and Basketball Plays.  It is Coach Stephen Dale’s Princeton Offense HoopTalk. He is the assistant varsity boys basketball coach at University High School in Baton Rouge, LA (on the campus of LSU).

Coach Stephen Dale on Princeton Offense High Post Entries

Make sure that you check out Today’s edition of Basketball Plays on Princeton Offense High Post Entries.   A typical rule in the Princeton-style offense follows that whenever the ball is passed from a forward spot to the top (or “Point”), the post flashes to the high post (elbow).  This action initiates the “High Post” phase of the offense.  The “Point” will look to enter the high post and initiate one of three actions: Point Away, Point Over, or Point Middle.  Coach Dale is doing a great job with his blog.  It is a must to read everyday!

Take a look at Coach Dale’s Blog:  http://www.coachdalehooptalk.blogspot.com/

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Click on the pdf link below to download the Princeton Offense High Post Entries for your Basketball Playbook:

Princeton Offense High Post Entries–Princeton Offense HoopTalk–Basketball Plays

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