Preseason Rhino Workout by Andrew Grantz

Preseason Rhino Workout

At the high school I used to coach at our head coach had the players go through a preseason physical and mental toughness program. My coach called this test of toughness a Rhino contest. Here are some of the drills that the players did to see who could push themselves beyond what they thought they were capable of. Coach normally has 1 or 2 Rhino events each day before starting preseason weight lifting. The point system is 5 points for the winner, 3 for second place, and 1 for third place.

1. Towel Hangs- This was my personal favorite because it tested your mental toughness more than anything. Simply put a towel over a pull up bar. The player cannot wrap his hands around the towel. He simply hangs onto the towel with his feet off the ground as long as possible.

2. Sumo Basketball- use jump ropes to make a circle about six feet in diameter. Both players start of with a basketball at the center of the circle. Each player is trying to hit the other players basketball to knock it out of his hand or push him back out of the circle. This drill stresses how to stay low and take contact. Make this a tournament format.

3. Medicine Ball Wall Touches- each player stands facing an empty wall with their arms reaching as high as possible. The coach will put a piece of tape about 12 inches above the players finger tips. The player uses a 12 pound medicine ball to touch above the tape as many times as possible in a minute.

4. Bench Press- Depending on what level you coach or the weight of your players you may want to change the weight on the barbell accordingly. For this you simply have the players see you can get the most reps of the same weight on the bench press.

5. 1 Mile Plate Run- Players have to run a mile with 5 pound plates in both hands. If a player sets the plates down to rest, it is a 10 second deduction. Each player is timed.

6. Leg Lifts- Players lay flat on there back. Time starts when they lift both legs 6 inches off the ground. Arms must be crossed on the players chest. Have 3 players go at a time to make sure no one is cheating.

7. Dips- Each player maxes out on dip bars

8. Tug of war- This will be a tournament format just like Sumo Basketball. Start players paired up against someone with similar strength. Winners keep advancing.

9. 45 pound plate hangs- use a decline bench. The player must keep there back at a 90 degree angle to the floor for as long a possible. Longest to hold this position wins.

10. Wall sits- Player that hold the wall sit the longest wins this event.


As you can see, allot of these drills are endurance drills. It forces players to push themselves mentally through pain and exhaustion. I think it is best to hold the rhino contest off till a little before the season starts. Hype up the event to your players over the summer. Get them to bye into how big this event is and make this a yearly tradition. Give trophies to the winners and put there names on a board that will be seen year round. If you make this event a big deal it can serve as a great motivator for players to stay in shape year round and be in great condition by the time the season starts.

BIO-Currently a Grad Assistant at Pitt St. 1 season at Indiana University Southeast as Assistant Coach.  I have spent 4 years coaching at the high school level. I was a coach for Team Southern Indiana AAU.  I have 2 DVD’s with Championship Productions. Installing the Dribble Drive Motion Offense, and Full Court Trapping System and Breakdown Drills. I have also completed a DVD Showcasing my own offense, The 4 Out 1 In Attack and React Offense, that will be released soon.

Twitter- Andrew Grantz @CoachAGrantz

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