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Learn a Practice Planning Strategy that will help you develop your Daily 8 Scoring Options!

practice planning strategy

Two years ago, a coach shared a list of drills with me, which he called the “Daily 8.” This Practice Planning Strategy became a driving force in our practice planning strategy. Think about the shooting drills that you use in practice. Here is a critical question to ask;

Do all of the shots come from actions within your offensive system?

A lot of coaches will immediately say yes, but the reality is that a majority of coaches do not dive this deep into evaluating their shooting drills. Coaches tend to go with the most convenient option. They do a “cool” shooting drill from a clinic or a shooting drill that they learned as players. This can result in wasted time, with shots that do not maximize the development of the players. Below is a breakdown of developing your “Daily 8.”

· Determine where your team gets a majority of their shot attempts
· Which actions, within the offense, lead to these attempts
· How can we simulate these effects, and shots, in a quick purposeful way.
· Make the actions fast enough that players can get a lot of shots, in a short amount of time.
· Use the information above, to select EIGHT scoring options, within your offense.

Our base offense has been the Dribble Drive Motion. We use single syllable words, as our terminology. Each word is used to call an action, without our Dribble Drive Motion. Below is our “Daily 8; A Set.” We have enough options within our offense, that we have also developed a “B Set,” and will sometimes use what we call a “Custom Set.” The “Custom Set” is used at shoot arounds, as we prepare for the actions that we expect to use in our upcoming game.

I enjoy having the opportunity to work with other coaches, as we grow the game. I am very excited to continue to work with Coach Peterman, to share information. As you develop your “Daily 8,” please feel free to share it. I am also available to help if you have any questions. Coach Doug Brotherton can be reached via e-mail at CoachBrotherton@gmail.com or on Twitter: @CoachBrotherton

Click on the pdf link to download the Practice Planning Strategy – Develop your Daily Eight Skills:

Practice Planning Strategy – Develop your Daily Eight Skills

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