Popular Packline Defense tactics: Monster Post Double by Chris Filios

post double

Monster Post Double 

One of the most popular ways of doubling the post is to double big-to-big, or “Monster” the post. This method is a popular tactic in the Pack Line Defense. 

Reason for teams utilizing the “Monster” post-double: 

1. Defending against or slowing down a talented big. When facing a really good big, it is not enough to try and play him 1 v 1. You want to get the ball out of their hands as much as possible. 2. Create turnovers. Teams will aggressively double the post to put pressure on the offense and look to create turnovers. This is especially true when facing an unskilled big that struggles to handle the ball. 

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There are several ways that the “Monster”post double can be employed: 

1. On the catch. The doubling big needs to be on the move as the ball is in the air. That way he is there on the catch. This means that he needs to be in good off-ball positioning prior to the pass. If he is not, he will be late to double. 2. On the bounce. Some teams will wait to bring the double until the offensive big makes an offensive move. 3. Double when in a certain catch radius. You may only want to double the post when the offensive big is within a certain distance of the basket. If the offensive big is not a threat to make a play off the block or facing up, then you may not feel the need to double them. This would be the case if the offensive big really only scores with back to the basket around the rim. 

When to leave the post double: 

1. Stay with a double until the ball has been passed out. 2. Stay with a double as long as the offense is a “threat.” Once the offensive big retreat dribbles, 

the doubling big can release and recover to his man. 

Keys to a good post double: 

1. Positioning prior to the pass. This is huge for everyone. It is important that the primary post defender doesn’t lunge at ball giving up a free basket. He needs to be in a position where the pass isn’t a given but can slide around and get between man and basket once the catch is made. The doubling big must be in a good help side position so that he can react quickly and get to double when required. The other defenders need to be ready and in position to rotate quickly. 

2. Double-quick, hard, and with high hands. High hands are a major key as it both takes away vision and a passing lane. The two defensive bigs need to form a tight double team. They must not allow the offensive player to split them. 3. Quick weakside rotations. 4. High level of communication.

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