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Check out theses Gregg Popovich – Ettore Messina Game Tempo and Pick & Roll Offense Clinic notes

pick & roll clinic notes

Gregg Popovich has joked that his game idea was to pray that the San Antonio Spurs beat Golden State Warriors. He needs LaMarus Aldridge and their entire team to show up. LaMarus Aldridge had 17 points in the first half. Kawhi Leonard had 18 points and eight rebounds in the first half. They had the Pick & Roll Offense going strong.  You will be able to view how they run them by looking at these Pick & Roll Offense Clinic notes.

The Spurs were up twenty at halftime, but with five minutes left, the score is cut to one point by the Golden State Warriors. This series is the one that most people have been waiting for. A best of seven games with two of the best in the Western Conference. The San Antonio Spurs have shut down the NBA Houston Rockets Offense. The Golden State Warriors are a record setting team that add an MVP and don’t have a lost in the playoffs.

These Pick & Roll Offense Clinic notes will help you see how the Ettore Messina has helped Coach Popovich with Pick & Roll Offense. The Spurs have a shot at advancing to the Finals, but they need to step up and see if someone on their team can do it.

It will take a healthy Kawhi Leonard to beat them. He sprained his ankle in Game 5 of the Houston Rockets game. He was out for the Game 6 where the Spurs kicked the Rockets by 39 points. The Spurs will need him to be healthy. He has been their most consistent offensive player this year.

The Warriors are a great defensive team that has a dynamic offense too. If the Spurs can play some stall ball, then they might have a chance to get Leonard and Aldridge in isolation.

Can they get LaMarcus Aldridge going next game?

Aldridge can dominate the Warriors inside, but he didn’t have a superb time these playoffs for a person that is an NBA All-star. He has a size advantage on Draymond Green, but Green can play post defense. He needs to make quick moves and take shots over Green.

Update: The Golden State Warriors just beat the San Antonio Spurs by 2.

Click on the pdf link to download the Game tempo Clinic Notes:

Game Tempo clinic notes

Click on the pdf link to download the Pick & Roll Offense Clinic Notes:
Pick & Roll Offense Clinic Notes

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