Phil Martelli Defensive Drills by Mark Chapman

Phil Martelli Defensive Drills

The following two drills were taken from the Coach Phil Martelli defensive list of drills.  They are not complicated and can be used no matter what defensive system you use. 


The first drill is called 3 slides and is very basic.  Players start on the lane line all facing the same direction about 3-5 feet separating each athlete.  On the coaches call players will take 3 big slides at an angle to the sideline and then jog back to the next spot up the lane line.  Make sure to have players work on covering a lot of ground on the slide.  Also work both the right leg slide and the left leg slide.  This drill would be very effective during the first week or two of the season.



The second drill is an extension of the previous drill.  Players line up one on one at the wing with a third player at the ball side elbow.  Offensive player on the wing attacks the baseline (It’s the coach’s call on how aggressive you allow the offensive players to be: start slow & then increase the pressure on the defense).  Defensive player makes 2-3 slides forcing the offensive player into the baseline at the short corner.  Offensive player then throws the ball to the HP where the defender has to close down and contest the shot. 

You can add a difficulty level by giving the player at the high post the option of shooting or driving to the basket with one dribble. (Limiting the dribble forces the offense to be effective and make quick decisions).  Coaches can also allow the HP player to move out to the 3pt line so that the closeout is further away or even let them move on the perimeter so the defender has to locate where the shooter is. 

We have a new basketball coaching contributor in Mark Chapman who is the Head Boy’s Basketball Coach at Hamilton Township High School in Columbus, Ohio.


Phil Martelli Defensive Drills






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Click on the pdf link to download the Phil Martelli Defensive Drills:

Phil Martelli Defensive Drills by Mark Chapman


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