Who is Pat Summitt?

Pat Summitt is the former women’s college basketball head coach at the University of Tennessee.  She is the all-time leader in wins as a coach in NCAA basketball history of either a men’s or women’s team in any division.  She coached from 1974 to 2012, all with the Lady Vols, winning eight NCAA national championships, second only to the record 10 titles won by UCLA men’s coach John Wooden.  Summitt is the only coach in NCAA history with 1,000 victories. She was named the Naismith Basketball Coach of the Century in April 2000. In 2009, the Sporting News placed her number 11 on its list of the 50 Greatest Coaches of All Time in all sports; she was the only woman on the list. In 38 years as a coach, she never had a losing season!  Hard to even comprehend!

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The Tennessee Lady Volunteers 5 Out Motion Offense

Attached is a 5 out motion offense that Coach Summitt used in her tenure at Tennessee.  I like this offense as it does promote good spacing and good player movement.  What I like about a good 5 out offense is that it really puts pressure on the defense to guard something different.  It is hard to shut down something that you can rarely face in a season.  A defending post is uncomfortable guarding a post on the perimeter, a defending guards does not have the immediate help other offensive formations can lend themselves to.  Making a team uncomfortable on the defensive side of the ball can really prove to be a helpful tool to swing momentum and frustrate both opposing players and coaches.

Coach Summitt’s 5 out motion offense is successful if a team does two things.  The first is that each player has to have an aggressive scoring mentality: both one v one or coming off the down screen looking to make something happen.  The second is learning to read the defense coming off the down screen.  One does not have to score off the down screen to make this offense effective. Included you will find all the options available coming off the down screen and several other options that can happen with regularity.

I hope that this offense can help or broaden your offensive mindset.

We have new basketball contributor in Matt Duble.  I think that you will enjoy his basketball coaching material.  He is the Women’s Assistant Basketball Coach at Covenant College a NCAA Division III member located on Lookout Mountain, GA

Click on the pdf link to download the basketball offenses for your basketball playbook:

Pat Summit | Tennessee Lady Volunteers 5 Out Motion | Matt Duble

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