Pat Clatchey Spots Offense by Jacob Collins

Coaches, today’s notes are over Pat Clatchey’s “Spots” Offense. The Spots Offense is simply just a flex variation that really looks to post up different players. This is an offense that would be excellent for a bigger group of guards that can post and also really opens up shooters.

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One difference in this offense than the flex is that the wing players actual will be on the wing, rather than the corner. It is still a deeper wing than most offenses, but it is definitely higher up than the dead corner. The second thing you will notice is that there is no downscreen for the player that sets the baseline flex. Rather than wait on someone to come get you, after setting the baseline screen you sprint to a top spot (free throw lane extended) and the man on top that swung the ball fills the wing the cutter vacates.

The first actual wrinkle to the Spots offense is splitting the post. This may be a call once you get a certain player you want in the post but in the diagram this is just getting it up the floor and looking for the 5. Frequently in flex offense a pass to the wing/corner equals a stagger (which I still strongly suggest as a set for your best shooter in the flow of the offense) Coach Clatchey chooses to split the post. The guards exchange screen, while the 4 man backdoors HARD and the 3 man fills his spot.

The Vegas cut is just a quick look to hit your 4 man off of a shuffle or “Vegas” cut. Again, this can be called at anytime during the offense if you have a specific man you would like to get a basket. It’s a good quick hitter to hit a man cutting at an angle from the top.

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Pat Clatchey Spots Offense by Jacob Collins

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