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Xavier Basketball Newsletter

Coaches, The basketball coaches at Xavier University have given me permission to publish their 56 basketball newsletters on here. Here is a wealth of information that everyone needs to take a look at. If you don't belong to the newletter then you need to subscribe to...

Vance Walberg Article… from S.I.

Coaches, Here is the link to the Vance Walberg article on SI. I thought that it was a great article. I was really impressed by it. I was contacted by Grant Wahl a couple weeks ago and knew that it was coming out. Here is the link:...

Bruce Pearl on Rome is Burning

Here is a great interview that I saw on this website: You should check out his website. I don't mean to steal stuff... I just thought the interview was great. Coach Chu does a great job with his website and you should check out...

Memphis could win it all…..

I must say that I was impressed with Memphis today. They have a ton of depth and are on their best start (11-0) so far. They will have to shoot it better in the tournament to win it all, but it was a good game. What about OU? I thought that they got a great win...

Swarm Defense Review

I had heard a lot about the Swarm Defense by Wayne Walters. I contacted him and he sent me a bunch of information on the Swarm Defense. I must say that I have been impressed by the coaching packets that he sent me. Swarm for Dummies: It was right up my alley. It told...


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