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Mens Basketball Hoopscoop provides expert coaching insights for basketball coaches at any career level. Our blog, updated daily, reviews professional and college basketball plays and basketball coaching tips from professionals.

Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes

Our basketball coaching clinic notes take the hassle and cost out of traveling to a number of great basketball clinics such as the Nike Basketball Coaches Clinic or the PGC Glazier Coaches Clinic. The goal, of course, is to prepare basketball programs without huge travel budgets to be competitive and boost your team’s winning season. We also offer collections of basketball clinic notes available for download.

Basketball Drills and Practice Plans

Additionally, we are always adding new information about basketball drills. We do the work to help you decide what basketball shooting drills are worth your precious practice time. As coaches, we know that if you only spend time on one style of basketball dribbling drills, you might neglect other areas like rebounding drills. It’s for that reason; we also make a number of basketball practice plan recommendations.

Basketball Plays and Playbooks

After all of the planning and the drills, when it comes right down to it, the score is determined by what happens on that court. Basketball plays are how points are made and how winners and losers are determined. At Mens Basketball Hoopscoop, we pride ourselves in our blogs that critique basketball plays. Not only that, but we offer over 120 basketball playbooks on demand and over 300 basketball coaching DVDs for purchase.

Professional Development

In our E-Learning section you will find everything you need to become a better coach: thousands of pages of notes from the best basketball coaching clincs ever conducted, free playbooks, instructions to create your own playbook, and the chance to connect with other coaches from all over the world.

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Roy Williams Transition Offense by Ben Farquhar

Roy Williams Transition Offense by Ben Farquhar.  Check out his 17 pages of basketball diagrams included too! Roy Williams Transition Offense has been one of the more popular secondary sets used throughout all levels of basketball for years now. One of the advantages...

Beating the Virginia Pack Line Defense by Chris Filios

Beating the Virginia Pack line defense is not somthing that many teams have been able to do it this year, but that’s exactly what Virginia Tech did on Saturday. The Hokies went into Charlottesville and beat the #2 Cavaliers 61-60, snapping Virginia’s 16-game home...

How To Analyze Your Half Court Defense by Tom Kelsey

How To Analyze Your Half Court Defense by Tom Kelsey How do you break down your defensive stats for your team? Most coaches have a variety of ways to chart how their team is playing with the Half Court Defense. Here is a way to pinpoint where you are getting best and...

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