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Calvin College Baseline Inbounds

Calvin College Baseline Inbounds

[by eBasketballCoach.com] One of the best ways to get a great shot off an inbounds play is by setting up the player that the defense is paying the least attention to – the inbounder – and that’s exactly what were going to do in this next play. To start, have your...

4 vs 4 Deny Penetration

4 vs 4 Deny Penetration

[by eBasketballCoach.com] Setup: The rules of this drill are that the first team to 10 wins and a team can only score by stealing the ball, forcing turnovers, and taking charges.  Therefore both teams want to play defensive in order to win.  If an offensive player...

8 Point Shooting

8 Point Shooting

[by eBasketballCoach.com] Setup: Place three lines on each baseline with two or more players in each one. Start with a ball in the middle line on one side. Also have balls ready in each of the outside lines. How it works 1.The ball starts with player 3 in the middle....

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“Men’s Basketball Hoop Scoop is a great site for basketball coaches of all levels. Having collaborated with Coach Peterman on several projects, I can honestly say that his content, dedication to coaches, and passion for improving our game in unparalleled. The variety of content is great. From coaching clinic notes, to drills, to philosophy, the site covers everything that is of interest to basketball coaches. I would highly recommend Men’s Basketball Hoop Scoop as a site to visit daily for advancing your knowledge as a coach.” Dave Severns

L.A. Clippers Director of Player Development

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