Open Practice: Defensive Skill Development

Open Practice: Defensive Skill Development


Open Practice: Defensive Skill Development – Basketball — Championship Productions, Inc.

  • Learn how to apply defensive pressure starting with individual skills and progressively building to team defense
  • Get breakdown drills that emphasize help defense and how it should react to ball movement
  • Learn how to build and emphasize pressure on the point-to-wing pass
  • This unique video features a compilation of practice footage from Mike Krzyzewksi’s coaches clinics (2005-2007)

featuring Mike Krzyzewski, Duke University Head Coach;
distinguished member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (2001);
4x NCAA Champions, 976 wins – most wins by an NCAA college coach; USA Basketball Head Coach, 2014 Gold Medal FIBA World Basketball Cup, 5 gold medals in international competition

with Chris Collins, Northwestern University Head Coach;
former Duke University Associate Head Coach; Assistant U.S. Olympic Men’s Coach at the 2012 London and 2008 Beijing Games (gold medals)

and Steve Wojciechowski, Marquette University Head Coach,
former Duke Assistant Coach; NABC Defensive Player of the Year (1998)

Feel like you’re sitting courtside at Duke University’s Cameron Indoor Stadium as Mike Krzyzewski (along with current Marquette Coach Steve Wojciechowski and current Northwestern Head Coach Chris Collins) shows you how he builds the Duke defense from the ground up. Using a series of drills that create extreme ball pressure and help defense habits, Coach Krzyzewski shares strategies for making a big difference on game day.

These drills, taken directly from three years of coaching clinic sessions (2005-2007), incorporate fundamentals like stance and footwork into a variety of 1-on-1, 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 drills. Learn how Duke shapes individual skills into a high-intensity, full-court, man-to-man defense that has earned the team 11 Final Four appearances.

Coach Wojciechowski opens the presentation with the most basic defense skill, the stance. He demonstrates proper stance and the drills he uses to condition players on the defensive end. Coach Wojciechowski runs players through the Duke Zig-Zag series, which builds strength, stamina and footwork for an effective full-court pressure defense. Through multiple variations of the drill, players learn how to pressure the ball in the open court and influence it down a side of the floor. They also learn how to jam the passer on a dead ball and fake at the ball to contain the dribble. Unlike other zig-zag series, this one helps players master the skill of pressuring the ball without fouling.

Within a practice setting, Coach K and his staff progressively build from a 1v1 zig-zag series into a series of 2v2 and 3v3 drills that teach team defense. You’ll learn how to defend and rotate on baseline and middle drives to the basket and how to build your players’ defensive stamina.

Coach Krzyzewski shows how Duke builds its half-court defensive pressure with the “Driving Line” drill. Players learn how to control a dribbler on the wing forcing him baseline then the weak side defender has to learn when to help and when not to then being able to block out to finish the possession.Finally, you’ll see the “2-Man Contesting” drill that Duke uses to teach players how to see the floor and move as the ball moves. This drill challenges players to deny their man the ball, apply on-ball pressure, transition between help defense and denial versus interchanges, and jump to help or take a charge against dribble penetration. This is a fantastic all-purpose drill to teach multiple defensive concepts.

These are the same drills Coach K uses during the season with his Duke players as well as with USA basketball teams to effectively build a pressure-style defense. Learn how to develop the fundamentals needed to pressure the ball and provide support to your teammates with great help and communication from one of the all-time greatest coaches in the game.

Produced at the Duke University Coaching Clinics (2005-08).

117 minutes. 2015

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