Old Dominion vs Murray State: Two Full Court Late Game Sets For Three

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Old Dominion vs Murray State: Two Full Court Late Game Sets For Three

Old Dominion and Murray State recently had one of the most exciting finishes I have seen in a while, as both teams were able to execute late game plays perfectly, both resulting in big time three-pointers. Fortunately for Old Dominion, they had the last shot as guard Trey Freeman hit an unbelievable, running 3-pointer from deep behind the 3 point line, sending his team to the semi-finals of the NIT.

Murray State was down by 6 with just under a minute left. After a couple of steals and a few made free-throws, Murray State found themselves down by 3 with 14.7 seconds left and ODU senior Richard Ross, a 50% free-throw shooter, at the line. After Ross missed both free-throws, Murray State came down and perfectly executed a quick hitter in transition that Kansas has used for the past several years; the same set that Mario Chalmers hit the big three out of to send the 2008 National Championship game into overtime against the Memphis Tigers team led by Derrick Rose and John Calipari.

MSU guard Cameron Payne pushed the ball up the right side of the court and then handed the ball off to guard TJ Sapp who then came off a ball screen from trailing big Jarvis Williams. At the same time, Jeffrey Moss receives a fade screen from big Terron Gilmore. Sapp hits Moss coming off the fade for a great look at the three.

With a tie game, Old Dominion called a timeout to setup a full-court play with 3.5 seconds left. ODU stood side-by-side in a line just above half court before breaking out. After some crossing action, guard Trey Freeman caught the ball at about the 3-quarter court mark, beat one defender before sinking the deep 3 from around the 28 foot mark as time expired.

Aside from the great sets themselves, the fact that they were executed so well in such a high pressure situation speaks volumes for the level of preparation. MSU never panicked while down, and were able to execute without a time-out off the miss from Ross. On the other end, I am always looking for ways to get the ball into scoring position in late game situations and having to go full-court with 5 seconds or less on the clock. ODU did that perfectly in their set, extending their season without having to battle through overtime.

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Old Dominion vs Murray State: Two Full Court Late Game Sets For Three

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